Our Quality

At every stage of production, we conform to all the regulations and specifications required by international quality standards. Our company works exclusively with local breeders who practice free-range techniques, while abiding by the necessary hygienic standards.

The sheep and goat milk is collected daily by the producers and is transported to the milk collection stations installed by our company in the region. Isothermal tank trucks are used throughout this process to ensure the quality of the milk. Before the milk is used, samples are sent to our laboratories for quality control. The milk is then collected and poured into high temperature storage tanks equipped with stirring mechanisms. The tanks have an automatic cleansing system which is environmentally friendly.
After the milk has been pasteurized, our various types of cheeses are produced, as well as the by-products made from the cheese whey. The cheeses are then put in their respective molds and matured accordingly in our ripening rooms. Our systems control temperature, humidity and air conditions. Before packaging, samples of each batch are sent for a final control to our lab.

We use different types of packaging depending on the product: (a) vacuum sealing mostly for our soft cheeses such as Fresh Myzithra (b) plastic containers for goat, sheep and white cheese in brine, (c) shrink wrapping for yellow and hard cheeses such as Graviera and Kefalotyri and (d) modified atmosphere packaging for fresh yoghurt and shredded cheese.

Quality controls carried out by both EFET (HELLENIC FOOD AUTHORITY) and the European Quality Assurance Organization have ensured our ISO 22000 certifications. In addition we are proud of our FSSC certification, a globally recognized World Food Quality Certification and Assurance.