Creamy, airy and light, created from 25% sheep’s milk, and 75% goat’s milk, it is produced immediately after the milk is pasteurized, then left to set for a day and finally strained in a hanging cloth pouch. After 3 days it is ready to be packed for consumption.


Rich in nutrients and flavor, with just 16% fat.

A fresh cheese that can be eaten on its own or combined in savory or sweet recipes.

It is the secret ingredient for the perfect Cretan salad. This is Greece’s other salad cheese!

Nutrition Information per 100g

Energy: 847kJ / 204kCal
Fat: 16g
Of which saturates: 11g
Carbohydrates: 2,4g
Of which sugars: 2,2g
Proteins: 12g
Salt: 0,58g


ΔΟΧΕΙΟ 5kg / 2kg / 1kg
ΣΑΚΟΥΛΑΚΙ 300g / 150g